Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Does anyone need a wedding cake today?

Cause I just happen to have one here sitting around...

(I went a little crazy with the camera on this one)

No takers? Oh well!


  1. I'M TAKING!!! I WANT TO ORDER ONE!! OMG Leisl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just unbelievalby amazing. How are you doing these!! Can I trade places with John and start living with you?

  2. Haha I can see you and Dave trying to eat a whole one yourselves :P
    And yes to trading places with John, haha :D

    I guess if I visit you guys I'll have to bring all my stuff and make something!

  3. Amazing!!!!

    When you open your shop, can I work there?

  4. On behalf of the guys at John G's work thanks for the cake. It was the prettiest food we've eaten in a while.