Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Go Canada Winter Hat and Mitts (IC: E-Winter Warm Up)

This cupcake is also entered in to the Hello, Cupcake! Challenge, as well as Iron Cupcake Earth! The theme is Winter Warm Up, and being in Canada, these come in really handy:

The Olympics are coming up in Vancouver, so I wanted to do something referencing that, which is why I added teeny maple leaves to the mittens, inspired by the Olympic Red Mittens people are buying to support athletes!

The cupcakes are just a plain vanilla recipe taken from the book Hello Cupcake! A recipe I use all the time because it just works! The buttercream is basically the Wilton recipe tinted using red strawberry Jello powder.

Here's some information about the prizes for IRON CUPCAKE EARTH *insert echo here*

Our Generous IronCupcake:Earth Prize Providers:

* The Demy™ by Key Ingredient
* Hello, Cupcake by Karen Tack & Alan Richardson
* Bella Cupcake Couture
* Cupcake Stackers by Gourmac
* The Cake Mix Doctor Returns! by Anne Byrne
* Beautiful Baking Liners by Vestli House
* Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Bakery & Cupcakey Supply

Voting takes place at No One Puts Cupcake In A Corner and will be open through Wednesday, February 3rd at 12 noon.


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