Wednesday, February 15, 2012

London Day 12

Today was all about extravagance!

Extravagant lacework on cakes:

Then we got to finally try some of the cake - mmmmmm!

Then my classmate Yujin took me for a walk around the most expensive parts of London!

Extravagant bread!

Extravagant streets with extravagant cars!

Extravagant... stuff!

This is the most expensive building in London!

Which was right near this place! A store so extravagant I couldn't even take pictures in fear of all the scary looking security people watching my every move. But let me tell you, it was... extravagant!

My feet are tired!



  1. The laceworks is so pretty - and that slice of cake looks sooooo moist!!! mmmm Beautiful pictures Leisl - of course I had to check out yep - extravagant for sure ! And you can say you were right there!!! Sweet deal

  2. Dear Laisl! Just love your lace work and yummy cakes! Above all I love your comments! Such fun! Just keep doing this great job! :)