Thursday, February 16, 2012

London - Day 13

There isn't much to say about today, because we've started a series of classes dedicated to making flower bouquets - something which takes days of work, a little at a time, then letting them dry, then adding stuff... fun to do, but boring to watch I'm sure. Sooo much work, but the results, I'm sure will be amazing.

After that I took another walk, actually this was quite a long walk, from Covent Garden (where I ate another pot pie or "pasty" as they call them here, and tried to barter for a cool looking bag, which didn't work :P) to Green Park. It was a very touristy walk, packed with people.

On the way I visited a shop called Fortnum and Mason, which has lots of yummy confections and it was all very British. I bought myself some jam and lemon curd :)


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  1. I am so jealous. Just viewed the fortnum and mason video on YouTube. What an amazing place! Can't wait to see your flower creation.