Sunday, February 19, 2012

London - Day 15

Today wasn't really spent in London, it was spent in Paris!


I took the Eurostar (official sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics) from London's St. Pancras station.

And arrived at Paris' Gare Du Nord station. Tons of people!

Cool ornate details on buildings!

My breakfast coffee :)

The Latin quarter had an awesome gelato shop. They also sell yummy waffles, to which you can add the gelato ;)

I had a simple one with strawberry jam. Soooo good!

The one reference here to Canada and it seems so meek and lonely...just like its people...

Wait nevermind...

Really, even in an art book store in Paris, I can't escape Justin Bieber! Arrrgh!

Anyways, here are some cool street shots. The pictures here practically take themselves!

Where Manet was born - cool!

I don't know what was going on at the Louvre, but I noticed this hanging from one of the windows...

Having been to the Louvre before, I opted instead for the Musee d'Orsay.

So much art it will make you cry. Literally. I saw Van Gogh's self portrait and started to tear up (he's one of my favourite painters). As an artist I just felt so small walking through there. Plus I'm a wuss...

These shots were taken from the upper floor. Art on the inside and outside!

While wandering the streets I found Laduree bakery! Amazing window displays! Macarons!

And more Macarons!


Another thing I found while wandering was a bunch of locks attached to a bridge, apparently people can write stuff on locks, attach it, then throw away the key. Lame, but very Paris.

That's pretty much it! I did tons of walking and browsing in shops and my feet were SO sore by the end! So long Paris!


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