Wednesday, February 22, 2012

London - Day 19

Today was field trip day! We visited the flower market.

A giant warehouse!

Full of flowers!

Every color and shape you could want! I took a zillion reference photos!
After that we made our way to the Covent Garden Flower Academy.

People here learn to make stuff out of flowers. All kinds of plants actually! Just as we're learning to make flowers out of cake ingredients!

Hey look, it's Camilla!

Our teacher, and principal of the school, Gillian gave us a demonstration of how to arrange real flowers on a cake, which is a cheaper alternative to sugar flowers!

Then we had our own turn at making a little arrangement! I wore mine on my lapel for the rest of the day :)
Afterwards, we all went for Mexican food for lunch - mmmm yummy! I love how diverse the food is in London!



  1. Fascinating - it looks like a "Pier one" warehouse with all those flowers… It must have smelled heavenly in there…I'm tempted to scratch and sniff the photos…hahaha

    Lunch looks delicious - so does that beverage!!! ole

  2. looking at the prices on the menu - pretty close to what we pay here in Canada - right ?

    1. ya I think some places are the same as what we'd pay pretty much. But if you think about the exchange rate, it's about double :P