Saturday, February 25, 2012

London - Day 21

So guess what? I'm sick! AGAIN!!! I can't believe I've been sick twice in a row! I also had a really late night Thursday planning my mise-en-place (schedule) for exam week. Stayed up 'till 1 am, with no dinner! Scheduling and calculating ingredients is harder than it sounds, trust me!

Friday was more business talk with Peggy and her husband Bryn. Pretty much all the nitty gritty about setting up your own business! It's a pretty daunting topic, but Peggy and Bryn are hilarious together, so it was a cool, down to earth chat.

After that we had a guest speaker, International Wedding Planner Sarah Haywood. Who taught us a bit about the wedding industry, and how to work with planners.

image ©

I knew I heard her name somewhere before, and then she told us she was covering the Royal wedding on CNN last year - that would explain it!

Unfortunately, me being sick meant feeling really really drained, but I took as many notes as I could for reading later ^_^

Such good information, I really feel like my website needs a redesign now, lol.

ON TO DAY 22/23


  1. awww...hope you feel better soon Leisl - sending some positive energy your way !

  2. Sorry to hear that your sick again, hope your feeling better real soon. Take care...