Monday, February 27, 2012

London - Day 24

Today was the first day of exam week.

And it felt like a war zone.

Do you ever watch those reality cooking shows like Hell's Kitchen, or MasterChef, and think to yourself, well I'm never gonna be in something like that, it's crazy! Why would anyone want to do that? That's what I think when I watch those shows.

And yet, here I am.

I pretty much frigged up on everything I think, we were being watched on our process (not just the end result), so even though I finished everything I was scheduled to do, I generally, felt like a mess in the kitchen.

I'll try to remember the positives:
I finished everything I needed to finish, ahead of time.
My cakes actually turned out ok.
I saved my ganache like a boss after almost messing it up.
Considering I haven't had a lot of practice at this, I didn't do too bad, and I'll only get better, no matter what marks I get in the end.

Honestly though, I don't know if I enjoy the "professional kitchen" scenario. It's not for the faint of heart. My own little kitchen at home is a happier place. ^_^



  1. Best of luck Leisl with your exam week. Chin up, you'll do great...

  2. Bitchin Kitchen Leisl, stay focused

  3. hahaha - that's hillarious ... You hang in there girl - and yes I agree with you - nothing like your own little kitchen. But this has got to be some kind of experience - lucky you!!! You can say "Been there - done that!"... come home with the T-shirt!!!