Tuesday, February 7, 2012

London - Day 4

So we've been outlawed from taking pictures during class! Only before or after classes, which is understandable I guess... space is limited, everyone is really busy bustling around trying to get their cakes done, and then there's that thing about hygiene... :P

But I can tell you that Peggy showed us some amazing demonstrations of icing cakes, and I learned a lot of technical things that will make me amazing in the future. I was pretty floored watching her smooth chocolate ganache to perfection, and I mean, it was perfect! A solid cylinder of chocolate cake. All it takes is a palette knife and practice.

So after making Victoria Sponge cakes we iced yesterday's cakes with our ganache and various buttercreams. Oh, and of course, we learned some leveling tips, which resulted in lots of leftover cake, which we were free to eat for lunch... or not...

See those covered bowls? That's all cake! Oh yeah, and something called fruit in the middle...

After class I decided to be a tourist and wander a bit.

I know it says look right, but I still automatically want to look the other way...

So I hopped on a bus, which, isn't really a good decision without sort of having an idea of where it goes. The bus I took went sort of back to where I came from then off to some neighbourhood by the Thames, but not a recognizable part of the Thames. It was Pimlico.

So after snapping this pic of boys playing soccer football I found my way to a tube station and went to somewhere recognizable:

They don't call it a circus for nothing... (I would've had the perfect pic for this, cause there was actually a guy dressed as a clown standing outside, but I didn't take the pic - arg!)

I found a lovely little Indian restaurant, called Indian Brasserie, the people there were so wonderful!

And the food was really great, could've been a bit spicier, but still tasted awesome! Really, can you go wrong with butter chicken and naan bread? Probably not.

I know my peeps at RocketOwl are jealous riiiight now. ;)

After find a novelty shop which turned into this arcade mall...

I went to one of those big lame tourist shops and looked at lame tourist stuff:

And there were hats! Tons of hats!

And with that, I'm off to bed, another full day tomorrow ~



  1. looks and sounds like such an adventure!

  2. aw that sucks that you can't take pictures inside. It's so much easier to remember things with visual pictures to go along with. (I totally understand why they're asking you not to though)
    And all the other pictures look super awesome too! Nice hat ^^

  3. Leisl - I gotta say - this is wonderful. What a beautiful way to keep in touch with everyone and allowing us to share in this adventure with all the pictures you post! Fantastic - I love it!!!!

  4. Oh, and your "mother-in-law to be" has been having difficulties in posting a comment on your blog here - I tried to talk her through it - let us see how successful I was ? hahaha

  5. Picking up the British lingo - football - love it!

  6. Hahaha, Noella, you're awesome!
    I asked permission to get a few pics today before class began, so I should have some up tonight!

  7. Damn right I'm jealous! Butter chicken then arcade mall with angry bird hats?! So awesome!

  8. Sounds like your making the most of your time and not wasting a minute...thanks for the updates