Wednesday, February 8, 2012

London - Day 5

This post is all about blending in...

...and cutting corners.

And disobedience!!

Just kidding about the last one. But I did get permission before I took these pics!

Our cake dummies (large) and fruitcakes (small) which we learned how to nicely disguise under marzipan. The one the arrow is pointing at is mine. :D I realized the wonders of marzipan today, something we don't really use in North American cake making. I've never even tasted marzipan! Marzipan is sold in a really small package in my local supermarket in Ottawa, and it costs a lot for what you get. Can't imagine how much enough to cover a cake would cost. But I LOVED using it! I want to use more of this - it's soooo much easier to work with than fondant! We learned how to blend it all together and we had these corner makers that made all the edges nice and perfect, and when I was done I was all like, BAM! LOOK AT MAH CAKE! Awwww yea (I didn't really say that XD)... That's it I'm gonna find out if I can bring some back home...

These were our chocolate cakes with chocolate ganache which we also covered in marzipan later on. I couldn't recall which one is mine, they all look the same lol.

On a side note, I realized today that my accent must sound really awful to people. I asked Peggy for some more marzipan and I said it like, MARRRRRRZIPAAAAAAYAN, and as I was saying it, it was like time slowed down a bit and I realized how dumb I sound. Everyone else here sounds classy. :P

That is all.



  1. hahaha - loving your posts! Would'nt it be hillarious if you picked up the british accent ?? And you really should look into having some of that "marzipan" shipped to you - it might turn out to be much less expensive than buying it in Canada - (what with all our taxes n' all)'s great to have contacts!!! Seems like you are making the most of this trip - thrilled for you - and damn proud too!!

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    1. Hi Leisl, love the pictures and the commentary. Love following your day..