Saturday, February 11, 2012

London - Day 7

Today was like a casual Friday in class! What with finally assembling all of our work. So I took the opportunity to sneak take lots of pictures, bahahaha!

We made roses and it was so fun! Her method of making them is pretty awesome. It still takes practice to do, but so much less cumbersome than the methods I've learned so far. Plus, look how adorable they are!

Blank canvasses! (Shh they're sleeping!)

Learning to decorate our wedding cakes:

Everyone's so focused!

My gift box cake with the carrot cake inside. Looks like a nice one for a baby shower. Here they call it a "Christening" cake. I ended up giving this one to the people at the hostel. The guy at the reception desk was SO happy! I've never seen anyone so happy to get a cake, and he said "no one's ever given me a CAKE before!!!" It was hilarious! I don't even know if he ended up sharing it with the other people, hahaha.


And these mini Victoria sponge cakes are just so cute that I took a billion pics of them. I have them with me still, I couldn't bring myself to give them to anyone. Wish I could bring them home to share with people!

On with the food porn...

My finished wedding cake. Betcha can't guess which one is the dummy cake, hahaha!

So I had to carry 2 boxes of cakes home (the gift and the minis), and the Tube was absolute chaos! I was just kinda being shoved around for awhile, cause I was a bit shocked, lol.

Did I mention that I cut myself in class? Well I did. I managed to have a cold, injure my wrist, AND cut myself in the first week! It was so embarrassing! I had to get a big blue band-aid and wash every thing and throw out fondant that had blood on it, and I just wanted to cry and give up, but I didn't. Good thing it's the weekend.

Near where I'm staying there's a sushi place, with a bar, so I had me some sushi and Corona for dinner, cause damn it, I deserved it after this week.

And cake for dessert!



  1. Dear Leisl! Hope you are well now. Just keep going!You are doing terrific! :)

  2. Chin up girl,thinking of you back home. Those cakes look yummy...

  3. Damn right you deserve it!! I almost cried when I heard/read you gave the cake to the desk staff at the hostel - what a beautiful gesture on your part - and I can just imagine how thrilled he/they?? were!! Gosh, what an experience you are having - we are all living vicariously through you! keep it up - and don't sweat the small stuff - time is going by so quickly...

  4. food porn...I love it! those mini cakes ARE adorable! looks like you're having an awesome time, and sounds like you're learning tonnes. can't wait to sample some of your education!

  5. I am salivating in anticipation of the photo of London "Fish n' chips".... real, authentic .... mmmmm - pass the vinegar

  6. Your cakes look awesome! I love the wedding cake. :)