Saturday, February 11, 2012

London - Day 8

Today was all about clothes. Cause I did some laundry and then went shopping!

This was the path I took (some of it on the Tube, some walking), in case you're curious. Trust me my feet were really tired at the end! Here are some of the fun things I saw:

(thought John and Leah might like this one ;))

You may or may not know this, but cake-making isn't my full time job. By day, I'm an animator and illustrator, so when I saw these dolls, it piqued my interest.

I guess they're inspired by Glen Keane... cool!

Now here are some random street photos, in the Covent Garden area:

Oh yeah! Living statue!

Yes, that is a man, dressed as a dog, under a table...

Found this restaurant that makes nothing but hot piping pies! OMG I LOVE pies!!!

I had one with sweet potato and cheese, they even gave me a vegetarian gravy to go with it! (I'm not vegetarian, but I try to be some days ;)) I'm going there again for sure!

I've noticed owls are a popular motif here. And as I work for a company called RocketOwl, I just had to snap this pic, for my co-workers :D



  1. "Living statues" - that just crazy - hahaha - I am so going to google what that is all about!!! haha

    Beautiful pictures Leisl - "apple market" caught my eye - haha - didn't see one iphone or mac there!! hahaha Hmmm, wonder what's up with the owls ?? - I'm thinking Harry Potter - but now I'll have to google that too ! Glad to see you're up to taking in some sights....

  2. Glen Keane...any relation to Bill Keane? If so, I "heart" Bill Keane and the Family Circus!

    1. Yes, Glen Keane is one of the sons of Bill Keane, and one of the best Disney animators! :)

  3. I an 30 years old and want those dolls!