Sunday, February 12, 2012

London - Day 9

Today belonged to Baker Street!

I wasn't feeling too well today, so I took it easy, and Baker St is a really quick trip from where I'm staying. For those who don't know, I've been a huge Sherlockian (that's a Sherlock Holmes fanatic) since I was 16. That's right, before Robert Downey Jr. Seeing the station alone makes me smile! Even the Holmes heads are made up of little teeny Holmes heads! :P

My favourite statue!

The Emporium nearby has lots of lame souvenirs, and this giant wall of teddy bears.

That's right, you know where I'm going...

No, I didn't buy a Holmes hat, cause I already have one ;) This place is pretty kitschy, I'm not sure the real Sherlock would approve! (Jeremy Brett is my favourite :))

Still, I found this Police Bear in there, just looking at me, and I had to take him home to keep me company. Just look at him!

He even has a name and a little badge! Soooo cuuuuute!

Can't wait to be back in class tomorrow!


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  1. oh he is adorable - badge and all - like how cute is that ?