Thursday, March 1, 2012

London - Day 26

Today went pretty well, considering some major mess-ups at the beginning which I can't fix now. Hopefully I'll pass at the end O___o

I finished what I needed to a bit early, so after class our teacher pointed me to a local baking supply store, called Jane Asher. It's a cute little shop packed full of fun baking stuff!

They normally close at 5:30, but when I told them I was from Canada and studying with Peggy Porschen, they let me stay a bit longer ^_^

Afterwards I wandered the neighbourhoods a bit.

Then I found this crepe restaurant (among many other tempting places).

One of the menu items, was called "Crepe Quebec"! Of course I had to try that one!

It was a crepe with bananas and walnuts, with maple syrup. I don't know what bananas and walnuts have to do with Quebec... but it tasted good!



  1. hahaha - it's all in the syrup. I love the beetle colours !!! though it still freaks me to see the steering wheel on the opposite side