Monday, April 2, 2012

Indian Inspired

Made this cake for my amazing photographer friend's 1 year old's birthday party.

And I must admit, like a baby, this simple little cake was a bit of a struggle. The ganache seemed ok at the beginning, but it didn't stay as solid as I would have liked under the fondant. In fact, since I've returned from London I've been on the search for the perfect ganache recipe and quality chocolate that I can use. Chocolate here just doesn't work the same as in London for some reason! Found a new recipe that I will be trying next time.

Also couldn't sleep one night and so ended up working on this cake all night, which I don't suggest unless you're a night owl...

I love the little iced pattern though! I freely admit that I am not yet perfect at this. I'm going to take some time before May, just to practice techniques, and test some more Canadian friendly recipes. I guess the search for a perfect chocolate cake is not a bad task to take on... can't complain!

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