Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Cake Box - Kitchener

This past weekend I had the pleasure of revisiting The Cake Box in Kitchener! I had been there before, long ago, but now they have a new larger location, and the place is beautiful! Such a large space, with a cute little tasting/eating area and what looks to be classrooms in the back.  I'm thinking I'd love to take a course there sometime...

Ok I bought a set of 6 cupcakes and they were so good! SO GOOD - that I forgot to take pictures of them! But here's a pic I took of their inventory! :D Yummy!

Such an amazing display too! Very inspiring stuff! Reminded me a lot of Peggy Porschen's in London, in that they seem to have their act together in terms of vision, style, and I'm sure a good business plan.

The Cake Box is definitely one of my favourite places! Highly recommended if you're anywhere in the Kitchener area!

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  1. The Cake Box is who made our wedding cake a couple years ago. They're great.