Saturday, August 4, 2012

Taylor Swift Guitar Cake

My first ever guitar cake was really fun!
This cake was for co-worker's daughter, so I wanted to make it girly and cute. Here are some production photos:

It all starts with chocolate! Yum!

This is the reference photo I used
from the Taylor Guitars website.

From that I drew a template on bristol paper (yay for drawing skills!).

Cut the guitar pieces from the template

Then assembled it on the board.

Frosting! I did one coat, refrigerated it, then went over a second time to smooth out holes and such...

Next I added the fondant to the sides, top and neck.

A bit of a jump here, but at this point I was working late into the night and doing multiple things at once: the roses, the guitar details, painted with edible silver paint (the side tuners were made with flower paste and Pocky), and the strings, which were spaghetti sticks painted silver. The Taylor Swift logo details were hand drawn with edible markers (yay drawing skills).


  1. this is fantastic - I love it !

  2. hi i love ur cake where can i get a template to do the cut out