Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Urban Craft Show review

Well my first time at the Urban Craft Show went really well! I sold all but 2 lemon curds and one broken cookie (which I've been advised to give as samples next time).

Chocolate cupcake went REALLY fast. As did my bikini cookies. There were tons of kids there too which I didn't expect for some reason, lol. I learned a lot and met a lot of nice people. Good times!

I've actually decided to keep my cake making as a fun hobby for the time being. I've recently had a ton of day job freelance work come flooding in, and realized there are some goals I'd still like to accomplish art wise. Baking takes A LOT of time and patience, is hard to do alone, and there are so many things I want to improve on, so we'll see what happens.

Lots to do! :D


  1. leisl, i sooooooooo wanted to be there to show my support but we were brunching it up with friends. from 11-1:30. so the timing just didn't work for us. so glad you enjoyed yourself!!

    1. That's okay Shabana! It was pretty fun, ran into a few friends which was nice. It's hard work selling stuff though lol.

  2. Hello Leisl,

    I found your blog and saw your beautiful cakes and treats!

    I am a cook in Ottawa, I do both pastry and cooking.
    You have done amazing job by yourself!! I know it is very hard! Baking takes so much time and patience for sure.

    I am looking for baking/cooking friends to exchange ideas, baking together for fun.

    I will visit your blog again!

    1. Hey Sachi,
      Great to meet you! Finding baking friends in town is awesome! Keep in touch!